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On Demand Regeneration

Fleck Water Softener from Soft Water IncSoft Water Inc. combines over 70 years of experience with the highest quality water softener products to provide you with the water conditioning system that best fits your needs. We manufacture each water softener using state of the art Fleck control valves, durable fiberglass mineral tanks, and sturdy 320 pound salt storage tanks. Soft Water Inc. stocks a variety of water softener sizes and quality controls. Whether your softening needs are in your home or in your business, let us custom design and build the water softener best suited to your needs. There are not better water softeners sold in Waukesha (or anywhere else) at any price. Take some time to find out the truth, let us answer all your questions.

Choosing A Water Softener

Everyone's situation is unique. You may have a large family or small. You may be on city water or have your own well. Your water may be rusty and smelly or may be just hard. You may be at home every day or travel often. You may have teenagers! All of these factors help us build the right water softener for you. We use a full line of control valves combined with a wide variety of tank sizes to give you exactly what you need. A small family with a very consistent life style may do very well with a 24,000 grain clock driven water softener which sells for $699.00 or rents for $12.50 per month. A large family with children coming home from college for the summers and holidays may need a 49,500 grain DEMAND regeneration softener which sells for $1195.00 or rents for $25.00 per month or you may be somewhere in between.

Our hottest seller is the FC30WM. A 32,000 grain demand regeneration, DIGITAL, water softener. It has all the features you should be looking for:

  • Metered Regeneration
  • Low Maintenance Fleck controls
  • Long Life Expectancy
  • Efficient Salt and Water Usage
  • Easy to Use and Understand
  • Great Price $1095.00 Installed* or $23.00 per month as a rental

Waukesha water softener systemsThe largest residential applications and some small commercial applications are best suited to a "Twin Tank, Demand Regeneration" system. This system obtains the highest efficiency possible and also provides uninterrupted soft water regardless of the amount of water used. Because of the double tanks and more sophisticated control the unit is higher priced, but in many cases it is exactly what you need. At $1625.00 a twin 49,500 grain water softener is a great system and will save its owner money in salt and water over its 25 year life expectancy. At about half the price of what the Doctor may have suggested, it's an even better deal.

To determine which equipment would benefit you most, visit our virtual salesman or contact us to set up your free in home water analysis.

Homes that have never had a water softener may require some additional plumbing. Due to the recent explosion in copper prices, the cost for this usually runs from $50.00 - $250.00. CPVC jobs are slightly less. Some communities in Southeastern Wisconsin also require plumbing permits on all jobs. These can range from $20.00 to $50.00. Sorry, that's government.

* Installation is usually included with these prices

Water Softener Warranties from Soft Water Inc

All of our residential softeners, iron filters and reverse osmosis systems come with a 5 year labor, 5 year parts, and lifetime tank and mineral warranty (iron filter sand may be excluded). Extended warranties are available out to 20 years.

Please don't buy a water softener without calling us for our advice and price. We will gladly help you over the phone. Sometimes, however, looking over the plumbing job and testing the water, if you have your own well, may be necessary. If someone is trying to sell you a water softener for your Waukesha area home at a price higher than the ones listed here, you're wasting your money. Our softeners will last 20-30 years, have maybe two service calls in that time, and give you great water. That's what you want from a water softener. Soft Water Inc also provides Waukesha area water softener salt delivery service, even pouring the salt in the tank for you, making water softener ownership truly hassle free.

Before you purchase your new water softener, contact the Milwaukee water treatment experts at Soft Water Inc by calling 262-547-3866.