Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System

Milwaukee water treatment experts of Soft Water IncThe Microline® reverse osmosis drinking water system dispenses fresh, clean water directly from a kitchen tap or refrigerator. The Microline® reverse osmosis produces refreshing and delicious drinking water that costs less and is more convenient than continuously buying store bought water or relying on a delivery service. This system effectively filters a wide range of impurities including bacteria, lead, nitrates, sodium, and radium. Reverse osmosis is ideal for baby formula, coffee, drink mixes, ice cubes, fish aquariums, and of course drinking.

Our reverse osmosis system has the latest, yet proven, technology. The Microline system has one of the highest purity ratings and highest production ratings. It eliminates 93% of virtually all impurities leaving great tasting healthy water*. The filters need to be changed only once a year at a total cost of $59.00. You can easily do the reverse osmosis filter exchanges yourself or call us and we will come to your Waukesha area home and change the reverse osmosis filter for a nominal cost. These units can be rented for either $18.00 or $21.00 per month depending on your needs. In most cases that is a much better deal than buying bottled water. The water is great and is always ready at a faucet at your sink. The unit can be purchased for $625.00 or $699.00. Mention that you saw us on the WEB and we will provide the 1st filter check-up and and filter change labor free.  (You only pay for the cost of the filters $59)

To determine which equipment would benefit you most, visit our virtual salesman or contact us to set up a free in home water analysis.

* Wisconsin state law requires all water entering the home to be safe potable water.

For safe drinking water in your Waukesha or Brookfield home, call Soft Water Inc at 262-547-3866.