Automated In-Home Milwaukee Salt Delivery

Water softener salt delivery Milwaukee

Soft Water Inc. of Waukesha offers our Automatic In-Home Salt Delivery Service, a convenient salt delivery service that takes the work out of owning a water softener. Our computerized record keeping system automatically schedules salt delivery so that you will not have to worry about running out of salt again. The courteous and reliable salt delivery personnel will carry the salt directly to the softener and pour it in so you will never have to lift a heavy salt bag.

Southeastern Wisconsin Salt Delivery Area

We deliver salt everywhere in Waukesha County and some adjacent communities. Our delivery times are between 8:00 am and 4:00 pm. If no one can be home during those hours you can do one of the following. You can give us a key to have on coded file here. You can leave the door open or hide a key the day we are coming. Or we can leave the salt on the porch. We call each of our customers before their delivery day and give them a one hour time window for the delivery.

Solar Salt or Dura Cube Salt Selection

We do have a variety of salt types. Solar salt is the lowest priced salt we carry. It is 99.5% pure and works great in all water softeners. The price of a delivered 50# bag is $9.50. We also carry Dura Cube® salt. Dura Cube is a highly purified (99.9%) food grade salt that can also work in every type of water softener. You shouldn't have to ever clean out your salt tank if you use this type of salt. The delivered prices for 50 pound bags of Dura-Cube is $11.25. There are also price breaks for deliveries of higher quantities.

Set up your Waukesha salt delivery so your water softener never runs out of salt again. Call Waukesha's Soft Water Inc at 262-547-3866 today!