What Water Treatment Solution Do You Need?

How hard is your untreated water in grains/gallon?

Most municipal water systems other than the municipalities being served by Milwaukee water are around 22 grains hard. If you do not know your hardness, fill in 22. If you have a functioning softener that does not need replacement at this time, put in 0.

How much iron is in your untreated water?

All municipal water systems are low enough in iron content to answer zero. If you have your own well but do not know the exact iron number, use the following hints. "I really don't see any discoloration or staining for at least a week" results in an answer of zero (0). "If I don't clean my toilets every three days they start turning brown or orange" results in an answer of three (3). "I can't do laundry without ruining white clothes" then answer five (5). "When my current softener was working better I had no iron problems" then answer zero (0).

Does your water have a rotten egg or other unpleasant odor?

Yes No

Are your concerned about the health quality or taste of your water, or are you currently buying bottled water for drinking?

Yes No

How many people live in your home?

Do you have a refrigerator with a door water dispenser? Yes No