News About Waukesha Water Treatment Solutions

Waukesha is currently in the beginning stages of a multi-year plan to divert Lake Michigan Water to the City of Waukesha. Although this would not occur for nearly 5 years(from 1/2017), there are some things you may want to consider when deciding to purchase.

1.  Lake Michigan Water is still hard water at 8-10 grains per gallon (Waukesha is currently 14-24 gpg)

2.  People still soften water at this hardness level.

3.  The Lake Michigan water supply is still considered "Hard or Very Hard" water per the USGS.

4.  A water softener will still be needed and provide families benefits of soft water.

5.  However, adjustments can be made so water softeners use about 1/2 the amount of salt as prior to the change

6.  This is still 4-5 years away (from 1/1/17) depending upon how fast things move going forward.