IRON and ODOR SYSTEMS from Waukesha to West Bend

Waukesha Hellenbrand Iron CurtainSoft Water Inc. is proud to offer the Hellenbrand Iron Curtain® IC-2.0. designed to solve today's most serious iron and sulphur water problems. This quality iron filter reliably eliminates the toughest iron, sulphur odor, foul taste and rust stains. The IC-2.0 is the latest in Iron Curtain® technology with improvements over the already outstanding performance of the original Iron Curtain®. It will also protect appliances, water heaters and water softeners by reducing iron build-up. The Iron Curtain® requires absolutely no chemicals or routine maintenance and ensures pure, clean, odorless water.

Nothing is worse than ruining your clothes in rusty water except maybe taking a shower in water that smells like rotten eggs. The Iron Curtain® eliminates both problems. This system is not a water softener, however. You will still need a quality water softener to have soft, iron and odor free water. The Iron Curtain® does such a nice job of cleaning up the smell, appearance and taste of the water that many people discontinue buying bottled water.

Why should I buy an Iron Curtain iron filter?

If you are experiencing foul odors, stains, iron or rust in your water you may need an Iron Curtain. There are many different products on the market that claim to solve iron problems. Unfortunately, most of these are designed as a “point of use” filter-in other words they are designed for use on only one faucet. Those products will not solve the problem when used as a whole house filter. Still other products that are designed as whole house filters may not last with the heavier iron we experience in our water.

What makes an Iron Curtain iron filter different from other iron filters?

Water filtration system WaukeshaVirtually every iron filter sold as a whole house filter has either carbon or birm sand as the filter media to remove the iron. Carbon filters have a life span of up to 5 years and require frequent chemical or air injection to work properly. Carbon may not always work on all types of iron and is very expensive to replace when it is expelled. Birm sand as well as other types of sand filters require heavy oxidizing agents to be able to remove iron. This process of oxidizing is used to make a large enough particle of iron so that it can be trapped with sand. The problem with this process is that the sand or media is all one size and will start to trap the iron as soon as it gets in the filter. This causes the iron to plug up the top half of the filter and reduces pressure prematurely.

Iron Curtain filters have a unique process involving two tanks. One is an air tank used for oxidizing and the other has layers of special minerals designed to remove smell, color, rust and iron without the use of chemical oxidizers. The removal tank is staged with different sizes of mineral, larger mineral on top and gradually smaller mineral toward the bottom. This allows all of the bed to be used and helps prevent premature fouling. This gradient mineral process was patented more than ten years ago by Hellenbrand Water Conditioners, Inc. and is exclusive to the Iron Curtain product. Many companies claim to offer the same kind of product, however, no other company is allowed to copy this process. Soft Water, Inc. believes this is the best product available at any price and is proud to be the premiere Iron Curtain iron filter dealer in Waukesha.

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