Commercial Water Softeners Waukesha and Milwaukee Water Treatment

Soft Water Inc is the best source in Waukesha, Racine, Washington, Walworth and Milwaukee Counties for commercial and industrial water softeners for rental properties, apartments, churches, hotels, hospitals, restaurants, schools, office buildings, car washes and all commercial building water treatment systems. Soft Water Inc has the water softeners, iron filters and water treatment equipment to handle the water usage needs of any size building, with multi-tank, on demand regeneration systems using the highest quality Fleck controls. 

We can custom design your system using Fleck controls. We choose Fleck because of their time tested durability and ease of repair. We can design systems using any manifold needed such as system 4 & 5 and also Fleck system 6 & 7, Systemax and more. Soft Water, Inc. uses Fleck control valves including the 9000 valves, 9500 1½", 2850 1½, 2900 2" & 3900 3" Control Valves. We stock a full compliment of parts to ship to your business or to service on-site any of these Fleck control valves at a moments notice.

Water softeners, Hellenbrand Iron Curtain iron filters, and reverse osmosis drinking commercial water treatment systems from Soft Water Inc are reliable, salt efficient, and found at a better price and value than the commercial water softeners and water treatment systems from other water treatment dealers. For more information about a reliable water treatment system which will cost less now and in the future, contact Soft Water Inc of Waukesha today and have the same professional service we provide to our residential customers at your place of business.

For commercial water softener systems in your building, call the Milwaukee water treatment experts of Soft Water Inc today at 262-547-3866.