Planning to Building a New House in SE Wisconsin?
Call the Waukesha Water Treatment Experts First!

If you are building a new home in Waukesha, Milwaukee, Washington, or Racine Counties, make sure you talk to Soft Water, Inc to learn about how we can save you money on the installation of plumbing and the cost of your water softening equipment.

We will help you figure out which areas of your house need softened water and where hard water is fine. Save 50% or MORE of what it would cost to get the plumbing done by a Wisconsin building contractor, AND get your plumbing optimized to fit with a Waukesha water softener and home drinking water system designed specifically to meet your family's needs. When you hire the Waukesha water treatment experts of Soft Water Inc, a certified master plumber with 20+ years of experience will install the plumbing in your new home.

Call the Waukesha plumbing experts of Soft Water Inc. at 262-547-3866 to learn how you can save money on the installation of plumbing in your new home!